Our aim is for Zana to bring its data driven marketing methods to your company for collaboration to grow your business and become a very important part of your marketing. You can be rest assured that if Zana is working on your marketing campaign, it is just as dedicated to your success as you are.

Zana Data Driven Maths Marketing

Products and services are now becoming to be more hard to differentiate between, branding that develops a solid, trusted picture can fabricate a bigger, more steadfast client or customer base. Zana’s scientific data driven marketing, uses a mathematics-orientated methodology and approach with brand management, marketing blend and resource allocation that significantly builds income growth rates.

Publicising is an imperative part of marketing, and data driven marketing is mathematics. It’s not just about the comprehension of your intended interest groups and how to contact them, it’s about knowing the amount of cash it takes to get your message out to that audience. Information, equations, insights, investigation, relationships, designs, predictive modelling and testing, are the required elements. Mathematics is the common denominator between all of these elements, and the force behind our data driven marketing approach.

Zana SEO

The tenets for compelling SEO have moved seismically in the course of recent years. Zana SEO consistently screen the present conditions of SEO methodology and will demonstrate to you, how you can use accepted methods, and utilise them to amplify your content investment.

The marketers in your organisation are possibly augmenting interests in content at this time, yet to influence those ventures and their investments, the new guidelines for SEO require be persistently applied. Packing headlines so as to direct people to your site features with keywords only are a distant memory, the new SEO techniques require a strategy that rotates around the customer experience, as the marketing focus.

Web crawlers are getting much more astute. The creator of content now has significantly less control over how their pages are showing up and what words they’re appearing for. The most vital components for SEO effect are getting to be mobile-friendliness, examination of a page’s apparent worth; utilisation of page data, for example, dwell time; and design and coherent readability. The future and fate of SEO is being molded by mobile and voice search, and Google is putting new accentuation on ‘direct responses’ to questions.

Zana Data Science

Utilising data science permits Zana SEO as part of our data driven marketing approach, to get the factual edge in SEO by making better choices on what parts of web design, content and offsite SEO are gainful and which are hindering for SEO. Data science has great advantage over humans in that the strategies are investigative and scientific, the discoveries are tried and tested by incorporating tests with a specific end goal to guarantee they are beneficial and large enough, and have repeatable outcomes.

The utilisation of data science as part of data driven marketing to presciently model web crawler algorithms, for example, Penguin and Panda, additionally implies that common occurrences and other considerations are substantially less prone to predisposition or crush the estimation of the discoveries from the data that can frequently happen as people regularly take easy routes when deciphering information data.

Zana Social Media

Data Driven Social Media For Effective Data Driven Marketing

At this point in time, a large number of us understand that virtual communication is an essential part of a balanced marketing effort, and hitting the nail on the head relies on upon doing mathematics. Depending on the coolness variable of social media or the legendary advantages that cannot generally be measured is no longer sufficient. Virtual communication marketing is growing up, and brands need to move to more econometric-driven, mathematics based estimation, which shows subtle distinctions and variations. Marketing is getting to be effective, through through the use of more efficient data driven marketing methods.

We utilise virtual communication investigation and analytics to perform data mining from social media locales and survey that information to settle on key information and make data driven marketing choices. Companies not utilising data to coordinate their social media effort, are passing up a great opportunity to open many doors and create great social media marketing campaigns. These companies are missing the chance to become acquainted with their customer groups and audience, and the chance to contact a much greater audience of people, and the chance to completely comprehend the consequences of their endeavours, so they can accordingly enhance and optimise them.

Zana Content Marketing

The computerised world today confronts marketers with a digital challenge, the challenge is figuring out how to become more human in the way we welcome potential customers, figuring out how to begin and progress discussions which lead to a rapport, and which gives them a sense of compatibility, once these individuals find our organisations on the web. Content marketing using big data can be the answer for all these difficulties, although you must have the right structure set up for making it work.

We utilise data to enhance your strategy for content marketing and your customer discussions in ways that go past the checkout experience on your eCommerce website. We can help you by utilising customer data to fortify the administration side of your operations, and additionally to advance the content marketing content you distribute to your organisation’s media properties (e.g., online journals, microsites, and social networking/media sites).

Zana Paid Search

Productive and profitable PPC requires an exceptional mix of mathematics, statistical probability calculations, inventive semantic research and strategic planning. At Zana we pride ourselves on our ability to improve ROI, effectiveness and results from almost any campaign. Our application of mathematical methodology to paid search is hence data driven marketing, which helps us create PPC campaigns that capture and engage with your targeted interest groups and audience.

We pass on high caliber, and highly-targeted focused data on movement to your site, which we continually streamline to enhance performance. We work with all major search engines and social media sites, Google, Bing, Yahoo, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and more. We drive beneficial leads, sales and enquiries to your site, and expand visibility, saving you money by guaranteeing that your financial plan is not squandered on incapable keywords.

Zana Digital Marketing Strategy

By its very nature, digital is subject to rapid change, therefore it’s key that you screen what works and change strategies when new advancements are made. With our offer of assistance, together we can find pragmatic and cost-aggressive approaches and solutions that offer a good ROI for your particular business, and realise what moves you have to make to expand and maximise their effectiveness. The formation of integrated digital strategies, with innovation, is where we ensure our collaborative focus goes.

Zana digital media strategies always plan for maximising the business benefits and creating advantage, by effective use of data assets and technology-focused initiatives. The digital strategy requires a cross-functional team with executive leadership, marketing and information technology members, to be successful. To deliver a consistent digital customer experience, the strategy requires to breakdown the silo barriers between information technology leaders and those of other customer-facing departments.

“If you can’t measure it, you can’t manage it.” (Peter Drucker)

What We Offer – Data Driven Marketing

To increase your market share, Zana will collaborate and guide you through how we can use SEO , PPC and Social media. It doesn’t need to cost the earth, we have clients who have spending plans starting from £50 a month. Browse through our Services and locate the right ones for you, where always here to answer any questions you may have. You may want us to build you a bespoke digital data driven marketing strategy which understands your customers, enhances your customer’s journey, and enables you to measure your success against your business goals, we can involved as much as you need. At the point when assembling your bespoke strategy we will examine various variables from your rivals, markets, patterns, digital utilisation, your assets, current capabilities and potentialities, and spending plan.